Cahabon River

Want to add some adrenaline to your trip? Experience the legendary Cahabon River on a white water raft and make your visit to Lanquin unforgettable.

Rafting 2

There are two trips currently offered that are guided by our experienced rafting partners. Tours include a delicious local delicacy called Kaq’ik for lunch (spicy broth with chicken and tortillas). Vegetarian options available.

All rafting tours can be combined with biking to/from the rafting site to make this a truly epic experience.

Tours Offered

Tour Distance Duration Price
Saquija -> Tamax 12km 5.5 hours total (2.5 hours in river) Q300
Chichun -> Tamax 19km 8 hours total (5 hours in river) Q375

Rafting 3