If something is calling to immerse yourself in nature and escape from the touristic track, then hiking around Lanquin and the surroundings villages is what your body and mind is seeking. This region is loaded with hiking paths, most of which were made by Q’eqchi Mayan ancestors who used these paths as part of their daily travels before roads were built. The exciting part is not knowing what’s around the corner: is it a beautiful vista point overlooking the endless valleys and green river, or is it a local Mayan home where kids are running to meet you and say “Hola!” with a big smile?


Hiking in this region is not for the faint-hearted. It WILL get your heart rate pumping and your bodies dripping with sweat, but we promise that it will all be WORTH IT! Whether you want to observe the Q’eqchi culture and hike through local villages nestled in the mountains, or you want a more secluded hike surrounded by the sound of birds, rushing water and wind, then we have the hike for you. We can customize tours for all levels and needs.


Featured Hikes
A popular hike around Lanquin is to hike to “El Mirador” which is the big mountain overlooking the village of Lanquin. Wave to your friends from the top of the world and experience Lanquin from a different perspective!

El Mirador de Lanquin

If you’re looking for a big adventure, check out our Hike & Bike Tour. We combined two of our favorite activities into one epic day.

HIke and Bike

Hike and Bike.pdf